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The magic moments captured by an award-winning documentary director/cameraman.

With our location on Salt Spring Island, we are in a unique position to help make your wedding day everything you dreamed of. We have local knowledge of wedding services, locations and travelers' needs.

Bibby Productions offers a range of professional video and photography services including: sensitive, reliable wedding coverage; choice of packages and styles; state-of-the-art creative editing; and fast turn-around time.

Affordable Wedding Day Package

  • Two-person crew equipped with broadcast-quality digital camera, professional radio and directional microphones and location lighting.
  • Coverage of pre-ceremony preparations, the ceremony and reception, including speeches.
  • Fun footage - informal moments with the bride and groom, and off-the-cuff interviews with guests.
  • Your choice of style: classic film technique or more unrehearsed documentary coverage.
Possible add-ons include:
  • 2nd-unit videographer
  • a "Video Booth" for guests to record personal wedding day messages for the bride and groom.

Two-day Package

In addition to the wedding day coverage, we offer very extensive coverage of pre-wedding preparation, the rehearsal, behind-the-scenes family moments and interviews with family members.

Wedding Day Basics

If you are planning a more intimate wedding with a select guest list, maybe you'd prefer to just record the ceremony itself.

The Final Package

Choices, choices!
We can give you the unedited video.
We can transfer the unedited tapes to DVD.
If you need to send copies overseas with different television standards (PAL, SECAM etc), we can handle the conversion and/or arrange for duplication.

Using our professional AVID nonlinear editing suite, we can remove any unwanted footage, create natural transitions, include titling and music, and appropriate special effects. You can get involved in the final edit, or leave it to us to create that "memorable movie". Photo montages can be included in your video - perhaps baby photos, engagement photos or honeymoon photos taken on Salt Spring.

We have stock footage of Salt Spring and the other Gulf Islands in case you'd like to include a sense of what this very special place has to offer. We can provide you with an edited Master on DVD, Beta SP or VHS so you can get multiple copies made in your hometown. Alternatively, we can arrange duplication from the Master.

Fresh approach

Every video is highly personalized to reflect the couples' wishes. We make every effort to avoid clichés, both in camerawork and editing. Our style is unobtrusive, sensitive, creative and reliable. It's an approach we take with all our productions, honed over the past 25 years in the film industry.


Since there is no such thing as a standard wedding (especially on Salt Spring!), costs can vary. Coverage of just the wedding ceremony, without editing, can cost as little as $600. Cost of a typical Wedding Day Package will be in $1,500 - $2,000 range, depending on your needs on the day and editing requirements. A 2nd-Unit videographer will add approximately $500. A "Video Booth" will add approximately $400. A high-end Two-Day Package, including extensive post-production will range upwards of $2,500. Allowance for editing time is included in our quotation. All figures in Canadian funds.

Please call us on our toll-free number (1-866-576-3667) to discuss how we can tailor the video coverage to suit your requirements and budget.

Still frames from "A Picnic in Provence" and Ami & Barukh wedding video
Picnic in Provence Ami & Barukh

Picnic in Provence Ami & Barukh

Picnic in Provence Ami & Barukh

Still frame from Shane & Jen wedding video

Shane & Jen

Alan Bibby - Director/Cameraman